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FOLLOWING ARE EXAMPLES BUT DO NOT GUARANTEE FUTURE RESULTS: Many collectors search for unusual art around the world. This DOMAIN NAME would allow artists and art galleries to provide contact information or link to their websites in several categories by City, State or Country. One thousand (1000) artists and one thousand (1000) art galleries at $100.00 per month would create a revenue stream of $200,000 per month or $2,400,000 per year. Due to the economy many NEW DOMAIN NAMES are being acquired or built that offer substantial discounts on almost everything. DOMAIN NAMES in this category are quickly becoming extremely valuable. Unlimited potential. A way to feature hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, art galleries, auto rentals, real estate, attractions and much more in many cities located near or on the beach. Listings could generate substantial income at $100.00 per month or more from each of the participating parties. Unlimited potential. This DOMAIN NAME offers numerous ways to produce substantial income opportunities. One way it could be used is to provide seminars that feature how to make an “Internet Fortune” that would include guest speakers from ad agencies, as well as PR agents, webmasters and those experienced in SEO matters. Unlimited potential. A great way to feature a few individuals or companies in each of ten (10) or more categories in fifty (50) or more different cities for a monthly fee. The categories could include but are not limited to antiques, art, silver, gold, classic cars, boats, condos, homes, commercial properties, jewelry, and stocks. Unlimited potential. It is speed dating with a “twist” and is a “noteworthy” way for singles to meet. It also includes a FREE dance lesson. Typically 20 men and 20 women pay $25.00 to meet those of the opposite sex in a suitable location that is provided at no cost. Each participant speaks for approximately 5-7 minutes and when the music plays they move to meet the next person. Such mini dating singles events could produce $1000 per event for the host. One could receive income by selling the “FORMULA” to anyone who wants to start a “singles” business for $1,000.00 that includes one free listing per month for one year for their upcoming “Musical Dating” events on this site. Great Opportunity. An exclusive website for “Serious Marriage Minded Singles” in 5 age categories of 100 men and 100 women in 50 locations throughout the United States at a minimum of $30.00 per month. Variations of a “Spouse Wanted” DOMAIN NAME and Each of these DOMAIN NAMES could create multiple revenue streams and a membership revenue of over $18,000,000.00 per year. A website to help all human beings by providing an opportunity for individuals from around the world to “express their ideas” on education, economy, energy, environment, health, famine, politics, relationships, poverty, peace and other worthwhile matters. A substantial product line could be licensed and branded so as to produce awareness and generate income to help make a difference in the world. THIS DOMAIN NAME IS NOW BEING DISCUSSED FOR A JOINT VENTURE! A branded website that specializes in luxury condos around the country by “City and State” featuring successful licensed real estate agents for a weekly fee of $100.00. The website could provide contact information to a “Select Few.” A single sale made by a participating agent would generate a substantial commission for such agent. Only five (5) individuals or companies at $100 per week or $5,000 per year in each of fifty (50) cities would generate $1,250,000 per year.

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